You can now use Google Drive to switch from iPhone to Android

Google is giving iPhone users yet another easy way to switch to Android.

The latest update to its Google Drive app for iOS brings the ability to backup some of your most important data in just a few taps before migrating it all to a new Android smartphone.

Most Android devices already offer at least one method of transferring your data from an iPhone, so it’s not too difficult to make the switch should you choose to. But Google wants to make the process even simpler using Google Drive.

The app’s latest update lets you backup all the contacts, calendar events, photos, and videos on your iPhone or iPad to your Drive account. You can then sign into that account on a new Android device and migrate all of your restored data to it.

By making this feature available in Drive, Google offers a simple method that works on any Android device — regardless of its manufacturer. It means you don’t have to learn new migration methods for third-party solutions from the likes of HTC and Samsung.

Drive doesn’t yet backup things like text messages, which you might also want to carry over to a new phone, but we’re hoping that will change with future Drive updates. In the meantime, you’ll have to stick with those third-party tools if you want to migrate more data.

Via: Phandroid