Samsung could finally rip off 3D Touch for Galaxy S8

Samsung has a history of ripping off new iPhone features soon after they’re introduced by Apple, but the South Korean company is yet to adopt 3D Touch. According to new rumors, that will change next spring with the Galaxy S8.

3D Touch made its debut last September with the iPhone 6s, giving us a whole new way to interact with iOS. Some users still see the feature as a gimmick and rarely use it, but others (myself included) have grown to love it.

[contextly_auto_sidebar] But regardless of whether it’s necessary, 3D Touch is a feature Samsung phones still don’t have more than a year after its introduction. That’s something Samsung may change with the Galaxy S8 early next year.

A new report from The Investorciting “multiple industry sources,” claims Samsung is currently “mulling” the idea of adding pressure-sensitive displays to its next-generation smartphones. They would reportedly come with 3D Touch-like features, like home screen shortcuts.

“It is a matter of time before other major Android smartphone makers deploy the technology that will help enhance user interface,” the report adds. Some smaller manufacturers, such as Huawei, have already brought pressure-sensitive screens to iPhone rivals.

Samsung was rumored to be bringing pressure-sensitive screens to the Galaxy S7 series last spring, but they never materialized. Nor did they make it into the failed Galaxy Note 7 months later. You can be sure it’s a technology Samsung is planning to adopt, though.

Via: Phandroid