On eBay, a Galaxy Note 7 box is worth more than the phone

Now that Samsung has asked for all Galaxy Note 7 units to be returned and ceased production, the device is worthless. Even if you decide to keep yours (which you shouldn’t), it’s going to have no resale value. But you might be surprised to learn that its box has.

Some Note 7 owners have already taken to selling their packaging on eBay, and some listings are calling for as much as $60.

When you usually return a smartphone for a refund, you need the original packaging. Without it, most carriers and retailers are going to turn you away. But because the Note 7 is defective and Samsung is desperate to get it back, the handset is all you really need to return.

Many are taking advantage of this by keeping the original box and accessories and then selling them on. We’re not sure what use a Note 7 box is without a Note 7, but for hardcore Samsung fans, it’s a nice memento of what should have been the company’s most successful phone.

[contextly_auto_sidebar] Listings for Note 7 boxes are already popping up on eBay — and increasing by the day. While some are calling for as little as $25, other sellers are asking for as much as $60. That’s right — $60 for a box and free accessories.

Note 7 box on eBay

Have you listed yours yet?

Couple that with the $100 in credit Samsung is offering if you swap your Note 7 for another Samsung phone (or $25 if you decide to switch to another smartphone vendor), and it’s a hefty discount off your next device.

Of course, prices are going to fall as soon as Note 7 owners realize they can make a quick buck and eBay is suddenly awash with Note 7 boxes. But if you’re quick, you might be able to make at least a few dollars that will certainly be more useful to you than an empty box.

If you still have your Note 7, you should obviously stop using it immediately and return it. Samsung has made it pretty clear that the device should not be used, and you’re taking a risk if you decide to keep it — even if you’re not using it as your daily driver.