Apple and Samsung head back to Supreme Court this week

Samsung and Apple will go back to the Supreme Court this week as part of their never-ending legal battle over patents.

The Tuesday hearing will concern how much of the $399 million patent-infringement damages awarded against Samsung the South Korean tech giant should actually pay.


Samsung’s lawyers have argued that the amount — which represents the total profit of 11 disputed patent-infringing devices — represents a “disproportionate” sum, while Apple says it’s justified on account of Samsung’s “blatant copying.”

According to Samsung, since this case only covers the look of is smartphones, it’s like awarding the total profits of a car to a rival company — just because two cupholders look the same.

Samsung has already paid Apple the $399 million sum, along with an additional $150 for infringing on its “pinch to zoom” tech. Last week, it also lost a $120 million case against Apple for Samsung’s use of the iPhone’s slide-to-unlock technology.

While anther court outing for Samsung and Apple is, at this point, old news, it’s interesting to note that this will be the Supreme Court’s first examination in 120 years of design patents, covering the aesthetics of an object, rather than its functionality.

Both Samsung and Apple are currently dealing with more costly battles, however: Apple with its massive tax bill in Europe, and Samsung with its disastrous Galaxy Note 7 controversy.

Source: Bloomberg