Parody video shows new use for Samsung’s Note 7 as mobile meat griller

Poor old Samsung: not only did was it forced into rushing out its Galaxy Note 7 by Apple’s iPhone release schedule, or to undergo the humiliation of doing a mass recall of one of its better-reviewed handsets, but now people are poking fun at it, too!

A new parody video from Taiwan shows how the once critically acclaimed Note 7 can be repurposed as a mobile device for cooking meat — provided you’ve got the necessary aluminum foil smartphone case, that is.

Check out the video below.


Considering that the phone isn’t plugged in for the demo, it’s not hard to spot that this may not be 100 percent legit. In the video, it takes around 2 minutes before the meat starts to cook, which seems somewhat unlikely.

Still, it’s hard to feel too much sympathy for Samsung, which has historically jumped on every slight perceived falter from a rival to put out a usually less-than-funny parody ad.

You know the best way to make people think Bendgate wasn’t so bad in retrospect? Put out a smartphone which sets fire to someone’s Jeep.

Via: Phandroid