Samsung tries to revive Bendgate with Galaxy Note 4 ad

Photo: Samsung

Photo: Samsung

Samsung might be a company that likes to jump in early when it comes to attacking rival Apple, but it’s also more than happy to hang around to get the last laugh.

With the heat from Bendgate now dissipating, Samsung has released one more video trying to fan critics’ flames in the direction of Cupertino by showing just how strong the Galaxy Note 4 allegedly is.

Entitled “Galaxy Note 4 Endures the Gluteus Maximus,” the video demonstrates Samsung’s new flagship taking part in the kind of controlled bend tests seen in the recent Consumer Reports video — including taking the repeated weight of a 100kg person sitting on it several hundred times.

Samsung’s unbiased conclusion? Their flagship smartphone is “strong.”

Unlike a lot of the company’s ads, this one doesn’t specifically mention Apple or the iPhone 6 family of devices, but it’s pretty clear who is being targeted.

If only Samsung could put as much effort into high quality design/manufacturing for their own products as it does trying to steal customers away from Apple.