Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features a pretty glaring design flaw

Photo: GforGames

Photo: GforGames

Samsung is all too willing to leap down Apple’s throat at any perceived error on Cupertino’s part, but apparently that same degree of quality control is not turned inwardly on Samsung’s own industrial design department.

Having brought forward its release date to try and beat the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus into South Korea and China, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been met with negative customer reviews since its September 26 launch — on the basis that there is a sizeable gap between the smartphone’s display and its casing.

According to pictures, this gap is large enough to allow a business card to be slotted in. Not only is it unsightly, but it could also attract lint or dust, or even make the handset dangerously susceptible to drops of water.

Samsung is reportedly aware of the fault, so there’s a possibility it may be able to make the necessary alterations in order for the international release to be a bit better received.

Still, it does demonstrate that it’s never worth rushing out a piece of tech just to beat someone else to market.

Oh, and something about throwing stones in glass houses. Remind us how that one goes again!

Source: GforGames