Android N lets you set different wallpapers for home, lock screens

There are more improvements hiding in Android N. Photo: Google

There are more improvements hiding in Android N. Photo: Google

Google’s upcoming Android N upgrade will give users the ability to choose different wallpapers for their home and lock screens. The feature is already available in the second Developer Preview, which Google rolled out on Wednesday.

Lots of smartphone and tablet makers who use Google’s software add this feature, which many users take advantage of. It’s ideal for those who like their home screen backgrounds to be clean, but want to decorate their lock screen with pretty landscapes or people they love.

But the feature has never been available inside stock Android, so those who buy Nexuses devices are unable to use it (unless they swap stock Android for a custom ROM). Fortunately, Google is finally changing that with Android N.

As you can see in the screenshot below, when you set a new wallpaper in Android N Developer Preview 2, you get the option to use it on the home screen, the lock screen, or both screens.

Android N

Screenshot: bricklestick

Now, there’s no guarantee this will make it into the final Android N release, but we don’t see a good reason why Google would take it out now that it’s in there.

Another more subtle change in Android N is a new icon that appears on the recent apps screen when you have no recent apps open, which you can see in the screenshot below fromĀ Android Police.

Screenshot: Android Police

Screenshot: Android Police

Have you discovered any more changes in Android N?