Google Calendar finally gets Reminders on the web

Reminders are everywhere! Photo: Google

Reminders are everywhere! Photo: Google

Google Calendar on the web finally lets you create and manage your Reminders, four months after they came to Android and iOS. They work in exactly the same way you expect them to in the mobile Calendar apps, with syncing across platforms and other Google services.

Now that Reminders are available in Google Calendar on the web, you no longer have to pull out your smartphone or switch to other apps to find out what’s next on your to-do list. Just like on mobile, uncompleted Reminders appear at the top of your calendar until they’re marked as done.

Once completed and archived, Reminders disappear across all devices. What’s more, any Reminders you create inside Google Calendar on the web will also appear inside the Google apps on your Android and iOS device — including Inbox, Keep, and the Google app.

Reminders first appeared in Google’s awesome Inbox app about a year ago, and they’ve been slowly but surely making their way to other apps and services. By appearing in a variety of apps you use every day, Reminders can be much more useful than a standalone to-do list or task management app.