Pornhub’s free VR vids put you in the center of the action

What's he watching? Photo: Samsung

What’s he watching? Photo: Samsung

As virtual reality headsets take off in a big way, every one of us has wondered what VR porn is like. If you haven’t, you’re lying.

Now, thanks to Pornhub, it’s free to find out.

Everyone’s favorite adult website has joined forces with VR porn store BaDoink to offer a new channel specifically for 360-degree videos. You can enjoy them — and you will — in any VR headset that works with a smartphone, and because godĀ loves you, they’re all free.

I haven’t tested it, but I can tell you VR porn is great. It’s better than any other kind of porn — once you getĀ used to the feeling of being sat on someone else’s couch in a random house you know you can’t afford, staring a woman you know you’ll never get.

It’s like when you have a dream you cheated on your wife, but it didn’t actually happen so you’re safe… although I haven’t tested it.

To try it out for yourself, grab your smartphone and VR headset, and head on over to Pornhub’s VR portal by following the source link below. It’s obviously not safe for work, so don’t bother if you’re sat in the office.

The videos work on Android and iOS in your browser, and there’s an Oculus app for those with Gear VR.

We’ll see you in a few days!