Android N lets you adjust display calibration yourself

Color calibration -- Android N

Color calibration in Android N. Screenshot: Android Central

Very few Android devices let you adjust your own display calibration to your liking, but that could change with Android N. Google is baking this ability into its next update for Nexus users to enjoy, but you’ll have to dig around to find it.

BlackBerry, HTC, and OnePlus are some of the manufacturers that let you adjust color and white balance on their smartphones, but most of the others force you to use whatever they decide is best. Samsung offers different display options, but you can’t adjust them freely.

To calibrate your own display on other devices, then, you either have to install a custom ROM with calibration built-in, or download a third-party calibration tool that requires root access. But not if you have a Nexus running Android N.

In the System UI Tuner hidden within Android, Google has added a “Color and appearance” section, which is home to the “Calibrate display” option. In here, you have sliders for red, blue, and green colors, and you can tweak them all until you have a look you’re happy with.

“At the moment, the controls are a bit hit or miss, and at least part of that is because you can’t see the changes until you hit Apply,” reports Android Central.

“Thankfully, if you went overboard with your corrections, there’s a 10-second window to preview your changes, and if you don’t accept them in that window, they’ll revert to their previous settings.”

There’s no guarantee this will make it into final Android N builds, of course, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed. And if Google makes this feature available to Nexus buyers, there’s a good chance others will follow suit and add display calibration features to their own devices.

We don’t see any good reason in not allowing this feature, which so many users would find incredibly useful. Do you have color calibration on your Android, and if so, do you use it?