Did Nokia just leak its new Android smartphone?

Is this Nokia's new Android? Photo: Nokia

Is this Nokia’s new Android? Photo: Nokia

We’ve been waiting for Nokia to deliver a new Android smartphone since it sold the Lumia business to Microsoft, and according to recent reports, there is one in development. We don’t know when it will make its official debut, but Nokia may have leaked it early in a video published on YouTube.

Nokia’s deal with Microsoft prevented it from launching a smartphone straight after selling its Lumia division, but that stipulation ends this year. Nokia China president Mike Wang has already confirmed the company is building an Android-powered device, but that’s about all we know now.

But the wait for Nokia’s new smartphone could soon be over. In a video the company has posted to YouTube, a mysterious handset is spotted around the 1:19 mark, and it looks like a cross between an iPod touch and Nokia’s Android-powered N1 tablet.


It could just be a placeholder device, of course, but Nokia could well be teasing us. Hopefully, it won’t keep us waiting too long before it makes its new smartphone official.