Google investigates poor Wi-Fi performance on Pixel C

Slow Wi-Fi speeds on Pixel C? You're not the only one. Photo: Google

Slow Wi-Fi speeds on Pixel C? You’re not the only one. Photo: Google

Google has vowed to investigate poor Wi-Fi performance on its new Pixel C tablet, which is resulting in slow download speeds for some users.

Early adopters reports that their Pixel C is only delivering a fraction of the Wi-Fi speeds other devices get on the same network, yet strangely, upload speeds don’t appear to be affected by the issue in most cases.

“I (and others) are having slower than normal download speeds for their wireless N and AC connections,” writes one Pixel C owner in the Nexus Help Forums. “Sometimes I get half the speed I normaly would. Other times it is like 1/8th the speed.”

“I have 3 APs in my house (channel 1, 6 and 11) on a 2,4 GHz N WiFi and when the Pixel C shows good or fair connectivity I can’t even stream videos from my local NAS anymore,” writes another. “My Nexus 5 has no troubles whatsoever.”

Some users suggest that the Pixel C’s official keyboard could be causing the issue, with many seeing an increase in download speeds when their tablet is detached from the accessory. If that’s the case, it could be a hardware issue that can’t be fixed with a simple software update.

However, others say their Wi-Fi speeds are poor with and without the keyboard.

One Googler says the company “is investigating the issue,” and will provide updates when they are available. In the meantime, it seems Pixel C users will simply have to put up with painfully slow browsing speeds.