Dropbox is giving up on Mailbox and Carousel

One of the nicest email clients on mobile is dead. Photo: Dropbox

One of the nicest email clients on mobile is dead. Photo: Dropbox

Dropbox has announced that it is killing its Carousel and Mailbox apps in early 2016.

The company says it will use what it has learned from these products to improve its core Dropbox service, and to increase its focus on Paper, the tool that allows you to create new documents and collaborate on them in real-time in the cloud.

It’s hardly surprising that Dropbox is giving up on these products, which have gone without any significant updates for a while. It’s also unlikely too many people will be upset that Carousel is dead. But Mailbox was a terrific email client on mobile — and it would have been even better with updates.

Unfortunately, those updates will never come, because as of February 26, 2016, Mailbox will be no more. If you’re still using the app on a regular basis, then, it’s time to find an alternative.

Carousel will also shut down on March 31, but key features will be integrated into the main Dropbox app, where your photos already live. If you’re backing up in Carousel, then, you won’t have to worry about your photos disappearing — just open the Dropbox app and you’ll find them all there.

Dropbox says it will be communicating this news to Carousel and Mailbox users within each app over the coming days.

“To our Carousel and Mailbox users, thank you for embracing these products—and we’re sorry,” the company adds. “It’s not easy to say goodbye to products we all love. But ultimately, we think this increased focus will help us create even better experiences for you in the months and years to come.”