Mailbox Finally Makes Its Debut On Android

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 06.58.05

At last, after months of promises insisting that ‘it’s coming soon’, Dropbox has now finally uploaded its first build of Mailbox for Android to Google’s Play Store servers. The extremely popular email client, which was acquired by Dropbox last year, provides users with instant access to their Gmail and iCloud email accounts through an extremely simple, yet productive, application.

Unlike its iOS counterpart, Mailbox for Android includes an all-new ‘Auto Swipe’ feature which means users can now archive emails instantly and the app will automatically archive similar emails from the same sender that arrive in the future. This characteristic can be toggled by swiping in from the right-hand side of the screen on the desired email and then selecting the ‘Auto Swipe Archive’ option.

Aside from the ‘Auto Swipe’ feature, Mailbox for Android is almost identical to its application for iOS. Users can slide emails off the screen to snooze them, long-press on a message to select multiple emails, half-swipe in from the left and select the ‘x’ to delete unwanted mail, and, finally, double tap a message to view a detailed list of management options.

In addition, users also have complete access to Mailbox’s very unique unified inbox, which allows users to view all of their mail in one place. This is particularly useful if you have multiple email accounts configured on your smartphone/tablet and often need to filter through a heap of mail to find the specific email you require.

If you like the sound of Mailbox for Android and want to give it a go — hit the download link below.