LG reveals what killed Watch Urbane 2nd Edition

Will LG's new Watch Urbane make a comeback? Photo: LG

Will LG’s new Watch Urbane make a comeback? Photo: LG

After killing its new Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE just weeks after its launch, LG has confirmed that a faulty display component was to blame. The company added that it did not take the decision to pull the device lightly, but there’s still no word on whether or not it will be back.

“For competitive and supplier relations reasons we are not in a position to communicate the specifics of the issue that led to this decision,” LG told The Telegraph.

“However, what we can share is that the hardware issue was related to a new advanced component that we had incorporated in the device that had never been used in an LG wearable device before.”

LG insists it tested its new watch “over thousands of hours under severe conditions” and found it was unable to meet quality standards — and could impact the company’s image.

Of course, the decision would have had an even smaller impact had LG found this out before the Watch Urbane 2nd Edition went on sale.

The South Korean company adds that “the issue in question has no bearing whatsoever on the safety of the device or the wearer. It is, simply, an issue that might affect the user experience of the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition over the long term.”

If you’re still waiting for the Watch Urbane LTE to make a comeback, you could be holding onto your cash for a while, it seems. It’s unlikely LG would ditch the device altogether just because of a display component, but it hasn’t even hinted at a possible return anytime soon.