BlackBerry teases Priv’s best features in new video

Priv will almost certainly be BlackBerry best smartphone yet. Photo: BlackBerry

Priv will almost certainly be BlackBerry best smartphone yet. Photo: BlackBerry

BlackBerry has released a new video that teases some of Priv’s best features ahead of the handset’s official debut next month. The company focuses on its physical and virtual keyboards, the BlackBerry Hub, and the added security features that promise to protect your most important data.

Priv is BlackBerry’s first Android-powered smartphone, and the company wants to ensure that long-time customers get the same level of security they’re used to getting from BlackBerry smartphones.

Although Priv runs what looks like a relatively pure version of pure Android at first glance, then, its security has been bolstered by a feature called DTEK that helps you ensure your device is always secure. BlackBerry has also integrated its own permissions system to protect your privacy.

These things and more are highlighted in the company’s new feature overview video below.

BlackBerry also released its first ad for Priv today, which is also focused on privacy — but it’s a bit… strange.

Thanks to features like BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry’s own virtual keyboard — which is just awesome — and what looks like stellar design, Priv is shaping up to be a very exciting smartphone. But there is just one downside.

Ignoring the fact that it has a silly name — BlackBerry Venice sounds much better — Priv will be priced at $699 off-contract, which makes it more expensive that almost every other Android device you can buy today. BlackBerry may have to make cuts if it wants to sell big numbers, then.