Galaxy Note 5 drop test proves glass is still fragile

Be careful with your Note 5, Photo: PhoneBuff

Be careful with your Note 5, Photo: PhoneBuff

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 5 is a beauty, but its decision to swap flexible plastic for shiny glass has its disadvantages. Not only does it make the new phablet a fingerprint magnet, but it also makes it much more fragile — as demonstrated in the drop test below.

The guys over at the PhoneBuff channel on YouTube used a proper drop test machine — just like those used in smartphone testing labs — to determine exactly how well the Note 5 holds up when dropped onto surfaces like tile and concrete.

As you’ll see in the video below, the Galaxy Note 5’s extra glass makes it even more fragile than other devices — so much so that it can’t even withstand just one drop from one meter without shattering, and losing touch sensitivity in one corner of its display.

This test probably won’t surprise too many people, but if you expected the Note 5 to be super strong with its Gorilla Glass 4 panels, you can think again. Don’t let this put your off what is clearly an excellent phablet, though; just be careful with it, or buy a good case.