More than 2 million have signed up for a OnePlus 2 invite

The OnePlus 2 hype is real. Photo: OnePlus

The OnePlus 2 hype is real. Photo: OnePlus

Over 2 million people have signed up to receive a OnePlus 2 invite, just over one week¬†after the handset got its official unveiling. That’s twice the number of people who purchased the OnePlus One.

OnePlus promised that more invitations would be available for the OnePlus 2 — around 30 to 50 times the number that were available at launch for the OnePlus One — but with 2 million people hoping to receive one, we’re going to that assume a large number¬†have a long wait ahead.

As I write this post, the actual number of people on the reservation list is over 2,392,000. Not all of those people will go onto buy the device, of course — plenty will surely get bored of waiting — but it’s an incredibly impressive figure for a second-generation smartphone from a small startup.

OnePlus is hoping to sell between 3 and 5 million units of the OnePlus 2, and if it can maintain this momentum, that should be an easily achievable goal over the next year. The company already shifted 30,000 units in just 64 seconds when the handset was made available early in China.