30,000 OnePlus 2 handsets were bought in just 64 seconds

The OnePlus 2 is off to a great start. Photo: OnePlus

The OnePlus 2 is off to a great start. Photo: OnePlus

OnePlus fans living in China are lucky; unlike the rest of the world, they got the opportunity to buy the new OnePlus 2 without an invite this week, and boy, did they take advantage of that.

In just 64 seconds, the initial batch of 30,000 OnePlus 2 handsets were sold out.

Before it launched the OnePlus One last year, OnePlus anticipated that it would sell between 50,000 and 100,000 units, but the device turned out to be much more successful than that.

Despite its controversial invite system and near non-existent marketing budget, OnePlus has actually shipped more than 1 million OnePlus One handsets so far. Company co-founder Carl Pei hopes that it can reach 3 to 5 million units with the new OnePlus 2.

The device is already off to an incredible start in China, and many other markets will get the chance to claim their handset on August 11. But those hoping to do so will need an invite first, and more than 1 million people have signed up to get one so far.

Providing OnePlus can maintain interest in the OnePlus 2 while more invites become available, then, it should be too difficult for it to reach its sales target. But it has tough competition to come from the likes of Motorola with its new Moto X Style and Moto X Play.

I’ll certainly be buying mine just as soon as that invite arrives, and I’ll be bringing you Cult of Android’s review soon after.