This Nexus 6 prototype has a fingerprint scanner on its back

The Nexus 6 you could have had. Photo: Weibo

The Nexus 6 you could have had. Photo: Weibo

Former Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside revealed back in January that the Nexus 6 was originally going to get a fingerprint scanner, but the plan had to be scrapped thanks to Apple. Now new images of a prototype device with the sensor built into its back have emerged.

These photos show an early version of the Nexus 6, which has a fingerprint scanner embedded within its Motorola logo. The scanner is connected to a two flex cables, which presumably connect it to the Nexus 6’s logic board and provide power.

Like the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone, or Samsung’s latest Galaxies, this would have allowed Nexus 6 owners to unlock their device and secure apps. But unfortunately, Motorola and Google were forced to remove it before the Nexus 6 made it to market.

According to Woodside, that’s because Apple purchased the best sensor maker in the business, and alternative options from the “second-best supplier” just weren’t good enough.


Photo: Weibo

That’s all changed now, of course. Other companies, such as Qualcomm, are making new sensors that are just as good — which is why we’re seeing an increasing number of devices with fingerprint scanning capabilities. According to recent reports, Google’s next-generation Nexus devices will also have them.

However, it’s interesting that Motorola decided not to add a fingerprint scanner to its new Moto devices if the company had already been building devices with the technology. Perhaps the company decided keeping its prices low was more important.