This is the OnePlus 2’s awesome USB-C cable

The OnePlus 2's USB-C cable is terrific. Photo: OnePlus

The OnePlus 2’s USB-C cable is terrific. Photo: OnePlus

Yes, we’re getting excited about a cable.

Why? Because it’s likely to be the first USB-C cable that ships with an Android-powered smartphone — the upcoming OnePlus 2. It’s also very similar to the OnePlus One’s cable, which boasts an excellent, tangle-free design.

Unlike most other USB cables, this one’s flat, so it rolls up neatly and doesn’t tangle in the bottom of your bag. It’s also completely reversible — an advantage of USB-C — so it doesn’t matter with way you plug it in.

The other advantage to USB-C, of course, is its speed. With support for data transfer at up to 10 Gbps, it’s up to twice as fast as the micro-USB cables we’re all using today, while charging your device with USB-C will be three to five times faster.

OnePlus confirmed the OnePlus 2 would employ USB-C earlier this week. It could well be the first Android-powered smartphone to support the new standard, though that will depend on when it arrives. Samsung is also planning to bring USB-C to the Galaxy Note 5 this fall, reports claim.