Google Drive To Offer 5GB Of Free Storage?

Google has been rumored to launch its Google Drive product for quite awhile. Most recently, we heard the product is set to launch in early April, but we’re still waiting on official word from Google. Tonight, it’s been revealed that Google Drive may offer its users 5GB of free storage when first signing up.

Talk Android’s tipster has provided a screen shot of the Google Drive beta page, that says “You get 5GB from the start, and you can upgrade to get more space at any time.” It was previously reported that Drive would offer 2GB of storage at start, but hey, the more the merrier.

The screenshot also reveals that Google Drive will sync on all platforms, including Android devices. It’s not yet clear if Drive will be fully integrated on the OS level or just available through an app on the Google Play Store.

Google Drive will work similar to current market leader, Dropbox, allowing users to simply sync files to the cloud though a web interface and apps. Google Docs has had the ability to save any type of file, but doesn’t offer a great way to manage those.

At any rate, it appears that Google is getting even closer to launching their Drive product. We’re really hoping for next week sometime. Stay tuned!