Google To Launch Drive Cloud Storage Service In April [Rumor]

Google has been long rumored — since 2006 in fact — to launch a new cloud storage offering, called Google Drive. In fact, just last month the Wall Street Journal reported it was close to launch. Now, GigaOm reports, from unnamed sources, that Google is planning on launching Google Drive during the first week of April.

GigaOm’s sources say that Google will give users 1GB of storage for free and will then charge for more, much like its other services. Currently, Google users can already upload files to Google Docs for storage, along with various other word documents and power points, but it doesn’t offer the type of organization or sync features that Drive is hoped to have.

Drive is thought to primarily compete with the current market leader Dropbox, who currently offers 2GB of storage for free to its users. Just like Dropbox, Google Drive is rumored to allow users to upload any type of file and have access to it from many different places. Knowing Google, they’ll try to integrate it any place they can — like Gmail.

Perhaps giving Google Drive the most potential, is the fact that it could be integrated with Android. The ability to keep files synced easily between all of your devices would be awesome.

Google Drive will most likely become integrated into Google Play. We’ll let you know when we hear more!