HTC One M9 to make its retail debut on March 16

The HTC One M9 is on its way. Photo: HTC

The HTC One M9 is on its way. Photo: HTC

HTC’s new One M9 may not be a groundbreaking improvement over its predecessor, but it’s an excellent smartphone nonetheless. If you’re itching to get yours, you’ll be pleased to know it’s set to make its retail debut this month.

The One M9 will first appear in retail stores in just a few of days — on March 16. However, according to the local press, HTC will initially be launching the device in its homeland of Taiwan before rolling it out to international markets.

The One M9’s carrier launch will come one week later, on March 23, DigiTimes reports. All five of Taiwan’s carriers will be offering the handset, and off-contract pricing will be NT$21,900 ($694) for the 32GB model, and NT$23,900 ($754) for the 64GB model.

While HTC hasn’t confirmed the One M9’s launch date for international markets yet, we don’t expect the company to keep us waiting too long. It will want to ensure its flagship device is available to as many people as quickly as possible.

U.S. retailer B&H Electronics spilled a March 25 launch date earlier this month, which is the same date the One M8 went on sale last year. This could well be the date U.S. buyers will be waiting for, then.