Google devices get their own online store, but Nexus 5 is missing

Welcome to the Google Store. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Welcome to the Google Store. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Google’s new retail store in London is just one of two new ways it plans to sell hardware going forward. The company has also launched a brand new online store specifically for “the latest products made with Google,” but a few of our favorites have gone missing.

Until now, Google has been selling its hardware through the Play Store, which is also home to Android apps and games, books, movies, music, and TV shows. But now they have a new home at the Google Store.

In addition to Google’s own Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, the Google Store sells the brand new Chromebook Pixel, which boasts improved specifications, a USB Type-C connection, and a cheaper price tag; several Android Wear watches, Chromecast, and Nest.

Customers can also buy a variety of accessories from numerous manufacturers.

But there are several devices missing from the Google Store, including the much-loved Nexus 5, the 2013 Nexus 7, and the Nexus 10. While the former was available from Google Play earlier this week, it seems you can no longer purchase it directly from Google.

Given its age, we were already counting down to the Nexus 5’s discontinuation, but for a while it gave Nexus fans a cheaper alternative to Google’s newer and much more expensive Nexus 6.

To celebrate the launch of Google Store, Google is offering shoppers free shipping on all devices for a limited time.