Oops! T-Mobile leaks Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 Edge

T-Mobile jumps the gun.

T-Mobile jumps the gun.

T-Mobile could be in trouble¬†with Samsung today after it accidentally leaked the device that Samsung was trying so hard to keep under wraps. A pre-registration page on the carrier’s website reveals what appears to be the Galaxy S6 Edge in its first official shot so far.

“The next big thing is almost here,” T-Mobile’s page reads. “Come back on March 1st to learn more about the latest from Samsung and T-Mobile.”

Above its pre-registration form, there’s a large image of a new Samsung smartphone with curved glass¬†that carries the tagline “Six Appeal.” It appears to be the S6 Edge rather than the regular Galaxy S6, but there’s no mention of the handset’s name.

While the image doesn’t reveal the entire handset, it does provide our best look at the device so far. In addition to that display, we get to see its stunning new form factor, which seem to be made out of metal with chamfered edges that meet its curved glass.

Samsung has begun teasing its new smartphones itself, and we have seen some leaked images already. But the South Korean company surely won’t be happy with a leak this revealing from a major partner. As things stand, however, that pre-registration page is still live.

Samsung will make the Galaxy S6 — and reportedly the S6 Edge — official at Mobile World Congress next week.