Samsung S6 Edge to get metal back and three-sided display

Think this is cool? Wait until you see the S6 Edge. Photo: Samsung

Think this is cool? Wait until you see the S6 Edge. Photo: Samsung

By now you should already expect Samsung’s upcoming S6 Edge to be curvier than any of the Galaxy S smartphones that came before it, but reliable sources with “direct knowledge” of the matter have now confirmed it for Bloomberg.

Both the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge will have all-metal bodies and Samsung’s most advanced mobile processors, the report says — but only one will have a “three-sided” display.

As expected, Samsung is to announce both devices during its March 1 Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Both will be very similar in terms of specifications — which we’re already familiar with, thanks to leaked benchmarks — and both will deliver 5.1-inch displays.

Samsung is hoping that the S6 Edge in particular can help it counter the threat of Apple’s latest iPhones, which are having a huge impact not only on Samsung’s sales, but also those of the entire smartphone industry.

Samsung’s two-sided Galaxy Note Edge made its debut at IFA back in October. It’s been well-received by critics and consumers since then, but its high price tag means it’s not quite as popular as it could be. Presumably, the S6 Edge will come with a premium, too.

Unlike the Note Edge, which curved on just one side, the S6 Edge will curve on both sides, which will split its display up into three segments. Samsung’s software will then take advantage of each of those segments, offering users shortcuts to their apps and notification tickers on either side of the center screen, which will continue to be used for most tasks.