Galaxy S6 expected to go on sale before the end of March

Meet the Galaxy S6. Photo: PhoneArena

Meet the Galaxy S6. Photo: PhoneArena

You won’t have too long to wait for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S6 after its announced on March 1, according to an alleged employee, who has leaked details surrounding upcoming “black out periods” at the end of next month that signal the handset’s retail debut.

Obtained by PhoneArena, the internal memo teases “Exciting things around the corner,” then proceeds to tell employees when they won’t be allowed vacations because of said exciting things. But this is normal for a company like Samsung during a major product launch.

There are actually two blackout dates on the memo — the first of which is March 22 through March 30, which is when we expect the South Korean company’s new Galaxy S6 to make its retail debut in key markets. That’s just 21 days after its unveiling at Mobile World Congress.

The second blackout is April 19 through April 27, which is when the company could launch the S6 Edge, providing it doesn’t go on sale alongside the regular Galaxy S6.

Do these blackouts reveal the launch dates of Samsung's next Galaxies? Photo: PhoneArena

Do these blackouts reveal the launch dates of Samsung’s next Galaxies? Photo: PhoneArena

Two separate launches for these devices wouldn’t exactly be surprising; Samsung did the same thing with the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge last fall, likely because it means the company can deal with the demand of its most popular devices first before rolling out others.

These dates aren’t guaranteed, of course — PhoneArena says the memo was from an unknown source claiming to be a Samsung employee — so it could well be fake. But we’ll know for certain in just over two weeks.