OnePlus’ cryptic teaser confirms ‘back to basics’ announcement

What could it mean? Photo: OnePlus

What could it mean? Photo: OnePlus

Has the OnePlus One left you thirsty for more from OnePlus?

Well, you’re going to get more tomorrow, it seems. The Chinese company today teased a “back to basics” announcement on Twitter with a cryptic graphic that somewhat resembles the famous Breaking Bad logo.

“Tomorrow we are going back to basics!” the tweet reads, without any clear indication as to what might be coming. But take a look at the graphic up top; there’s got to be a reason why it looks like that, right?

“B” and “Ba” are elements from the periodic table — boron and barium. The latter is a metal, while the former can be used to coat metal. Our best guess, then, is that OnePlus is gearing up to announce another StyleSwap cover for the One made of a high-end metal.

The company has been promising a variety of StyleSwap covers made from different materials since the One was unveiled, but nine months later, the bamboo option is the only one you’ll find in its online store.

We don’t expect OnePlus to announce another new smartphone yet; that isn’t planned until later this year. The company is working on its own Lollipop-based software, but that doesn’t explain the elements used in the graphic above.

A metal smartwatch is the other, albeit unlikely, possibility.