Bamboo StyleSwap covers for the OnePlus One released


OnePlus today released the first StyleSwap cover for its handset — the OnePlus One. The company had initially teased the launch of the Bamboo based StyleSwap covers around a couple of week ago. 

According to OnePlus, every Bamboo based StyleSwap cover for the One has a unique in-hand feel and weight to it. It is “one of a kind, complete with its own distinct set of fibers, nodes, and colors.”

The bamboo backs will set OnePlus One owners back by a whopping $49. Also, while the company is already listing the cover on its website, it is still not in stock so that you can actually purchase one.

Even before unveiling its handset, OnePlus had promised users that it would be offering StyleSwap covers in multiple finishes. The bamboo backs are the company’s first StyleSwap covers to go on sale and one can only hope that the company releases other offerings at a cheaper price sometime soon.