Samsung still chasing a BlackBerry buyout despite denials

Is Samsung still chasing BlackBerry? Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Is Samsung still chasing BlackBerry? Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

BlackBerry may be on its last legs and struggling to attract new customers, but that won’t dissuade Samsung from spending big to buy the company. While both companies have dismissed takeover reports over the past week, a new report claims Samsung really is still interested in acquiring a significant stake in the Canadian smartphone maker.

A document obtained by Financial Post, which was reportedly “prepared for Samsung by New York-based independent investment bank Evercore Partners,” reveals the South Korean company’s case for a possible BlackBerry takeover. The document was prepared in late 2014, but according to a source familiar with the plans, Samsung is still interested.

“I can tell you Samsung is contemplating a purchase,” Financial Post was told by the unnamed source. “It’s still being pursued right now. Samsung is still evaluating their options. So it’s still very much an open deal.”

BlackBerry and Samsung have both declined to comment since they issued statements denying previous reports earlier this week.

BlackBerry shares rose a whopping 30 percent after the Reuters story was published on January 14, but while a takeover could be great for investors, BlackBerry’s diehard fans will likely be dreading it. After all, Samsung isn’t interested in hardware that isn’t selling; it’s all about the patents.

BlackBerry has a wealthy patent portfolio that’s said to contain about 44,000 rights, which could be incredibly lucrative to a company like Samsung. If a takeover was to happen, it could be that Samsung takes those patents and does away with the rest of BlackBerry itself, which means no more phones with physical keyboards.

On the other hand, Samsung could take BlackBerry’s hardware and mix it with Android, and while that may upset a lot of BlackBerry users at first, it can only be good news for the future of the company.