Moto 360 ‘could be’ coming to MotoMaker

Moto 360's customization options could be more than just different straps. Image: Cult of Android

Moto 360’s customization options could be more than just different straps. Image: Cult of Android

The Moto 360 may one day be just as customizable as the Moto X after Motorola revealed that wearables “could be” coming to MotoMaker. It’s already one of the most popular Android Wear watches on the market, but giving users the ability to choose different straps, accent colors, and more could make it even bigger.

“We have no major announcements in this area,” said Motorola Chief Operating Officer Rick Osterloh during an interview with CNET this week, before adding, “but I think your intuition is very good.”

When you buy a Moto X through MotoMaker, you don’t just get to choose the standard options that are available from your carrier. Instead, you can pick your own combination of back panel, display color, trim color, storage option, and engraving. These customization options could be even more important to the Moto 360 than they are to the Moto X.

While some consumers will buy a certain smartphone to make a statement, they don’t fuse fashion with technology in the same way a smartwatch does. A watch is easily noticed, and so many consumers are concerned about its look just as much as its features. That’s one of the reasons why the Moto 360 is already more popular than a device like the LG G Watch — and indeed why Google Glass will likely never be mainstream.

It’s easy to see why giving customers the ability to customize their Moto 360 — and future wearables — could give Motorola an advantage over its rivals. And it would come at an excellent time, with research firm IDC predicting that wearable shipments will grow exponentially over the next few years to reach 111.9 million units by 2018.

As Osterloh made clear, however, there is no promise of things to come. Motorola’s clearly thinking about it, but that doesn’t mean it will follow through on the idea.

Osterloh also added that the Moto 360 has “exceeded” Motorola’s expectations so far, and that the company is happy with how successful it has been since hitting the market. Since then, however, the device has been greeted by new and improved competition from LG in the G Watch R, and other attractive devices like the Asus ZenWatch.