LG G Watch R could be the most expensive Android Wear watch yet

Photo: LG.

Photo: LG.

LG’s announcement for the incredibly attractive G Watch R this morning was missing one important nugget of information: its price tag. But the South Korean company accidentally revealed this little secret prematurely in a press release that was issued in Germany. As you may have already anticipated, it’s going to be one of the most expensive Android Wear devices to date.

According to the release, the G Watch R will be priced at €299 in Germany when it goes on sale in October. That’s a full €100 more than the original G Watch, making the new model significantly more expensive than its current Android Wear competitors.

Of course, Europeans usually have to pay more for their tech than those in the United States, so we don’t expect the device to cost $394 as a quick currency conversion would suggest — it’s likely to be close to $300 instead. Nevertheless, the G Watch R will still cost you more than even the Moto 360, which is expected to retail for around $249.

We expect LG to tell us more about pricing next week at IFA, where the device will be on show for the first time.