Go Further: OnePlus teases December 17 announcement after One Mini leaks

OnePlus has something up its sleeve for tomorrow. Photo: OnePlus

OnePlus has something up its sleeve for tomorrow. Photo: OnePlus

Just hours after leaked images of a purported OnePlus One Mini began popping up all over the web, OnePlus has posted an image on its Google+ page teasing an announcement for tomorrow, December 17. But before you get too excited, we’re almost certain this won’t be a new smartphone for several reasons.

When a company teases a product announcement shortly after a big leak, it usually means that leak is about to become official. But we’re not so confident with this one. Rather than a new smartphone, we’re expecting a new accessory instead– perhaps an official battery case. Here’s why.

“Need a reason to be excited for tomorrow? We’ve got 10,000,” reads the message posted to Google+. At first, it sounds like OnePlus is teasing yet more invites to buy the OnePlus One, but the accompanying image — which you can see above — suggests new hardware is one the way. We clearly see the outline of a device with what appears to be four LED lights.

You typically see lights like that on external battery packs or battery cases; four LEDs denotes it’s fully charged, while just one means it’s low on juice. The “Go Further” tagline also suggests that the announcement will involve a gadget that will keep your OnePlus One powered for longer.

Of course, we’re just guessing at this point, but this seems like the most obvious scenario. It’s highly unlikely OnePlus would unveil a new smartphone this close the holidays — particularly as it continues to struggle to meet demand of the original One. The same can be said about the rumored OnePlus smartwatch.