Google will announce Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 tomorrow

A Nexus 9 mockup by Android Police.

A Nexus 9 mockup by Android Police.

Google will announce its new Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 devices tomorrow, Forbes reports, and they will be the first to run its new Android L operating system. The search giant has decided against a “big reveal,” one source claims, instead opting to make the devices official in a blog post.

“The source explained to me that Google had planned to hold an official event for the new tablet, but because it was still fine tweaking Android L, it decided against a ‘big reveal’,” reports Forbes’ Jay McGregor. “Instead the new tablet, and a new smartphone made by Motorola, will be launched via a blog post tomorrow.”

McGregor says that the Nexus 9 will be available to pre-order from Friday, October 17, ahead of a launch on November 3. Prices at expected to start at $399 for a 16GB model and rise to $499 for a 32GB with LTE. Both will reportedly have expandable memory — a first for a Nexus device.

A November 3 launch had already been confirmed by previous rumors, as have the Nexus 9’s specifications — most of which are correct, McGregor reports. In addition to an 8.9-inch Quad HD display, the device is expected to pack a 64-bit Tegra K1 processor with Kelper GPU, and an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera.

As expected, the Nexus 9 will be made predominantly out of plastic to keep costs down, but it will sport a “brushed aluminum” frame, according to the report. HTC, which is building the device, will also be integrated a number of its trademark features, including BoomSound.

McGregor doesn’t provide any further information about the Nexus 6, but this device is expected to launch around the same time. It has already been revealed in a leaked press render.