Will Android L be named ‘Licorice’?

Will Android L be named ‘Licorice’? Image: Google

Will Android L be named ‘Licorice’? Image: Google

We’ve been pondering Android L’s real name for as long as I can remember. Google decided it didn’t want to put us out of our misery when it announced the update at Google I/O back in June, so we’re still guessing. Some reports have suggested it could be called Lollipop, while others say it will be named Lion after another chocolate bar made by Nestle.

Now a Google+ post from a sculptor you’ve probably never heard of suggests Android L will be named Licorice instead.

“I never had a great liking for Licorice, but damn!” wrote Giovanni Calabrese. “There are some great flavors out there!!!”

Calabrese’s Google+ page has been getting a lot of attention since he published his post, with almost 100 +1s so far. The reason? Calabrese works for a New Jersey-based company called Themendous, which happens to make the icon lawn statues that decorate Google’s campus in Mountain View.

Of course, we’re not ignoring the possibility that this could be a purely innocent post from a guy who genuinely likes licorice. But the fact that Calabrese has mentioned licorice in a whole bunch of posts — many of which also include the tag “#googlelawnsculptures” — suggests there’s something more to it.

“Handing out boxes of licorice at the boarding gate,” reads another post published on Monday morning. “What’s with all the boxes of licorice?” reads another.

Is Calabrese just teasing us Android fans? Possibly. We’ll should find out for certain in the coming weeks, when Google finally makes Android L — with its proper launch name — available to the public.