Snuggle Truck Added To Latest Humble Bundle Pack For Android

Last week we told you about the newest Humble Bundle for Android featuring five never-before-seen on Android games. Humble Bundle allows users to pay what they want for a bundle of indie games that can be played on Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. While five games for the price of “whatever” was already an amazing deal, it appears they have added a sixth bonus game into the bundle at no extra charge.

The latest game to join the bundle is Snuggle Truck by Owlchemy Labs:

In Snuggle Truck, you must overcome treacherous terrain get your cargo of precious stuffed animals safely to the zoo, in an adorable take on the “trials” game genre. It includes a level creator and access to thousands of user-created levels, with many of the top entries taking snuggle trucking to the extreme. As a bonus, Android users can also download the uncensored original: Smuggle Truck, the same game framed as an immigration satire, which was reportedly too spicy for some game marketplaces.

Anyone purchasing or who has already purchased the Humble Bundle will automatically have access to the added Snuggle Truck game. If you’d like more information about the Humble Bundle and the games offered, visit the link below.