LG flashes first glimpse of its gorgeous G3


LG knows we can’t wait to see the G3 — that’s why it has been teasing it and its features so much in recent weeks. The handset will get its grand unveiling at the end of this month, but you don’t have to wait any longer to see what it looks like.

A new video posted to LG’s YouTube channel today gives us our first official glimpse at the much-anticipated flagship.

The G3 will be LG’s answer to the Galaxy S5, the HTC One M8, the Sony Xperia Z2, and every other high-end smartphone that goes on sale this year. And to ensure the device has what it takes to compete with its rivals, LG’s expected to equip it with an exceptionally pretty design and cutting-edge specifications.

It will look a lot like its predecessor, the G2. Its 2K display will be surrounded by a beautifully thin bezel, while last year’s slimy back is to be replaced by a textured finish that will be a little less prone to picking up greasy fingerprints. LG is also going to improve its trademark rear-facing buttons this time around.

And we get a good look at those buttons and the rest of the G3 in the short video below.


LG also posted two videos, below, that tease the G3’s camera and display. We already heard whispers that the latter would boast a 2K resolution, and now the South Korean company has confirmed it. And while we can’t read Korean, it’s reported the the other clip confirms rumors of a laser-assisted focus for its camera.



LG knows it has a lot to do to take on Samsung and its immensely popular Galaxy-branded smartphones, but with the G3, it certainly looks as though the company is on the right track. Not only is this device shaping up to be a stunner, but its specifications could make it one of the most impressive smartphones we’ve seen so far this year.

I’m even more excited for its May 27 unveiling after seeing these clips. I’ve been using an HTC One M8 since the day it went on sale and I had thought it would be my primary smartphone for the rest of the year — I love it. But the more I see of the G3, the more I’m beginning to think that probably won’t be the case.