LG showcases QuickCircle cover for the upcoming G3

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 06.50.43

LG has announced its first official accessory for the G3, its upcoming flagship smartphone of 2014, which is expected to break cover next Tuesday, May 27. The add-on, dubbed the  ‘QuickCircle’ case, is pretty similar to Samsung’s S-View case, giving users easy access to information whilst their device is locked and protected.

The QuickCircle case features a massive, touchscreen-enabled, circular window on the front, which furnishes G3 users with the ability to engage in several tasks without having to unlock their phone, such as checking the time, placing and receiving calls, sending text messages, taking photos through a condensed viewfinder, listening to music and, viewing health statistics.

To see the QuickCircle case in action, be sure to check out the short video teaser below:

The case will be available in five ‘eye-catching colors’ — black, white, gold aqua and pink — when it launches alongside the G3 next week. Unfortunately, no pricing information has been provided as of yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know as as and when it does.