5 Reasons Why The One M8 Beats The Galaxy S5, According To HTC


The HTC One M8’s gorgeous aluminum unibody is one of “the top five reasons” why it is better than the Samsung Galaxy S5, according to leaked HTC training material that’s reportedly being distributed to sales representatives in the United States.

The document also refers to the M8’s incredible BoomSound speakers, its nifty touch gestures that are supposed to make it better for one-handed use, and its new Duo Camera.

Although I haven’t used the Galaxy S5 properly yet — mine should be arriving sometime today — I could probably list at least ten reasons why the One M8 is the best smartphone on the market right now after having used it as my daily driver for just under two weeks.

And the five reasons HTC provides in the leaked training document below would be on that list, because they’re all valid points.


“A premium product should look and feel premium,” HTC says, and the M8 does. It’s by far the prettiest Android smartphone money can buy right now, and its aluminum unibody trumps a plastic form factor in almost every way. High-end smartphones aren’t cheap, but with the M8, you feel like your money was well spent.

HTC also mentions the M8’s BoomSound speakers, which are even more impressive than those that debuted on the original One last year. Not only are they 25% louder, according to HTC, but they also sound fantastic, making games, videos, and music all the more enjoyable.

The M8’s touch gestures also make it better than the Galaxy S5 for one-handed use, HTC says, as does its Duo Camera, which employs two sensors to capture detailed depth information. This combines with the camera’s Ufocus feature to allow you to alter focus after your picture is taken, and apply unique effects.

Finally, HTC mentions HTC Advantage, a service that promises a free screen repair if you break yours within the first six months.

I’d also add Sense 6 to that list — which is by far the best third-party Android interface. It’s not overloaded with stacks of features you’ll never use, but there are some nice additions that you don’t get with stock Android — such as BlinkFeed, Zoe, and things like Sense TV.

Of course, the Galaxy S5 has advantages of its own. Not only is it waterproof, but it also has a fingerprint scanner, a heart rate sensor (though that’s nothing special), and impressive battery life.

We’ll bring you more detailed M8 vs. Galaxy S5 comparisons next week when we’ve had a chance to properly put the latter through its paces. If you plan to buy one of these devices in the meantime, visit a store where you can try them both out and compare their features for yourself.