Monday’s Apps For Kids: Puzzle Me This

Welcome to Monday’s Apps For Kids, a new Cult of Android feature where we take a look at kid-centric apps. Many of us are parents with kids who seem to know their way around our mobile devices better than we do. With the Android Market having over 400,000 apps, it can be quite a daunting task trying to find apps appropriate for our young tech enthusiasts. With Monday’s Apps For Kids, we hope to make that task easier by suggesting an array of topics and apps that have been kid tested and parent approved. So grab whatever crayon is lying around and get ready to write down a few apps worth checking out.

This week is puzzle week on Monday’s Apps For Kids. Puzzles have been around for ages and teach kids valuable skills such as hand-eye coordination, memory skills and problem solving. Puzzle apps bring all the fun of a traditional puzzle while adding new dynamics such as audio and animation — not to mention there’s no pieces to lose.

Today we’re going to take a look at five examples of puzzle apps and their developers. Since we are dealing with kids, we’ll be looking at the paid versions of these apps. I don’t recommend the free versions because of the ads and as we all know, kids will click on them, and you never know what kind of content could be displayed. These are all pre-school aged puzzles which are perfect for your young ones.

Kids Preschool Puzzle (intellijoy) – This one is the most expensive of the bunch but also seems to be a Market favorite among kids puzzle apps. Kids Preschool Puzzle features over 100 colorful puzzles with various themes such as Animals, Food, Transport, Geometric Figures, Numbers, Letters and more. These fun and educational puzzles have been optimized for both phones and tablets and allow children to slide and snap colorful puzzle pieces into place to reveal the image.

If you’d like to download Kids Preschool Puzzle from the Android Market, simply follow the link below.

Android Market Link | Kids Preschool Puzzle ($2.99)

My first puzzles (AR Entertainment) – This puzzle app features 14 different puzzles, nice sound effects, beautiful graphics and that traditional wooden puzzle feel. All puzzles share an animal theme and are well designed with easy to slide pieces. Cute graphics and fun and easy puzzles makes My first puzzles perfect for children ages 2-6. To download this puzzle app from the Android Market, simply follow the link below.

Android Market Link | My first puzzles ($1.99)

Kids First Puzzles HD Pro (Learning Games Clever Kids) – Explore the farm, ocean and dinosaur world in this puzzle app that teaches children how to distinguish shapes and learn how to spell some of their favorite animals. This app features music, sound effects, and two difficulty levels. Simply drag-and-drop the pieces of each puzzle around to create a picture and fill in each scene.

Kids First Puzzles HD Pro is available in the Android Market for $1.99 and can be downloaded by following the link below.

Android Market Link | Kids First Puzzles HD Pro ($1.99)

Kids’ Puzzle (DRCOM) – Featuring 30 puzzles, Kids’ Puzzle entertains with colorful and fun graphics, sounds, and various themes such as animals, letters, shapes and more. A simple to use drag-and-drop puzzle app perfect for phones or tablets. Every puzzle piece placed triggers a silly sound and puzzles come in a multitude of difficulties.

This app is available for $1.97 in the Android Market and can be downloaded by following the link below.

Android Market Link | Kids’ Puzzle ($1.97)

Kids Peg Puzzle Pro (AppFamily) – This one is the cheapest of the bunch at $1.29 but certainly doesn’t lack in features. With HD graphics, high-quality sounds, 8 wildly different backgrounds and many puzzles to solve, Kids Peg Puzzle Pro is perfect for children ages 2-4. Surprise your child with one of the mix-n-match random themes and watch them laugh as they place elephants in space or aliens in a fairy land.

To grab Kids Peg Puzzle Pro from the Android Market, simply follow the link below.

Android Market Link | Kids Peg Puzzle Pro ($1.29)

That does it for our third edition of Monday’s Apps For Kids. Hopefully your child will find these puzzle apps fun and rewarding. It’s great to have so many puzzles accessible without having to worry about the mess or missing pieces. Plus, you’re getting dozens of puzzles at the price of a single standalone puzzle. Enjoy, and be sure to check back next Monday for more apps for kids.