All New HTC One Dummy Handsets Hit eBay


The real “All New HTC One” may not be available for at least another few weeks, but you can already buy dummy models on eBay. China-based “Dummy_Store” has a whole bunch of Verizon-branded display units on sale for just $65.

These are the things you often see on shelves in cellphone stores. They don’t do anything — they have no internals — but they are exact replicas of the real thing on the outside. Dummy_Store promises that its “HTC One 2 M8” units are “the exact same weight, size & materials as the real phone.”

They’re not all exactly the same, the seller says — other colors are also available, and the screenshot used for the display may vary. But each one should be identical to the upcoming All New HTC One, which will get its official unveiling on March 25 in New York City.

Dummy phones are largely useless to most people, but if you have a spare $65 and you’re interested, you’ll find them via the source link below.

Via NowhereElse