Galaxy S5 With 2K Display & Iris Scanning Technology To Get MWC Unveiling [Rumor]


Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S5 will feature a 2K QHD display and iris scanning technology, and it will get its grand unveiling at Mobile World Congress next month, an unnamed “tipster” has claimed. Samsung is expected to maintain the plastic form factor we’ve seen from the rest of its smartphones, concentrating on improvements internally instead.

Now that 1080p mobile displays are commonplace, high-end smartphone manufacturers are expected to raise the bar again and roll out 2K displays in 2014. Given that Samsung was one of the first companies to push 1080p panels, it is certainly possible that the South Korean company will be one of the first to 2K with the Galaxy S5.

But to power a display like that, the handset will need a much bigger battery. PhoneArena’s tipster claims the device will feature a 2,900mAh cell, which corroborates with another rumor from earlier this month. That rumor also claimed that the battery would boast new lithium-ion technology that can store 20 percent more energy in the same footprint, as well as a rapid charging feature.

PhoneArena also expects the Galaxy S5 to feature a 20-megapixel rear-facing camera that is capable of recording 4K video, and an iris scanner that will allow users to unlock the device using their eyes.

Samsung executive vice president Lee Young Hee confirmed during an interview with Bloomberg earlier this month that the company was looking into iris scanning technology for the Galaxy S5, but she could not confirm that it would be ready in time.

Lee also said that the device would make its debut in March, while PhoneArena’s source claims it will appear at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month instead.

We think it’s more likely we’ll be waiting until March for the Galaxy S5, which is when the Galaxy S4 will celebrate its first birthday. It seems highly unlikely Samsung would announce its flagship device at a major mobile conference where lots of other manufacturers will be making announcements of their own.

Recent reports have claimed the Galaxy S5 will get its own event in London.