Samsung To Launch Galaxy S5 In London In Mid-March [Rumor]

A Galaxy S5 concept from Apple Conspiracy.

A Galaxy S5 concept from Apple Conspiracy.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will get its grand unveiling at a press event in London in mid-March — not at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month — according to a “reliable source.” The device is expected to debut Samsung’s new iris scanning security feature, as well as an improved design made from more premium materials.

Earlier this month, Samsung head of design Dong-hoon Chang told South Korea’s iNews24 that Samsung was planning to launch the Galaxy S5 during MWC next month. But Italian journalist Flavio Pic has been told by a “reliable source” that it won’t arrive until mid-March instead.

That lines up with what Samsung executive vice president Lee Young Hee told Bloomberg last week. Lee also confirmed that Samsung was working on iris scanning technology for the new flagship, but she couldn’t confirm whether it would actually be included.

The mid-March release sounds more plausible, given that its closer to the first anniversary of the Galaxy S4, which was unveiled in New York City on March 13 last year. Its predecessor, the Galaxy S III, was unveiled in London, so it looks like Samsung could be planning to alternate its Galaxy S press events between the two cities each year.

A launch at MWC seems unlikely due to all of the other announcements that’ll be made there. Samsung will want the Galaxy S5 to get as much attention as it can, and so showing it off at a major conference — where countless other manufacturers will also be unveiling their latest wares — would be a bad move.