Moto X Gets New Wooden Backs (At Cheaper Price)

Three new wooden back covers are coming soon to Moto X.

Three new wooden back covers are coming soon to Moto X.

The customizable Moto X will soon be available with backs made from three new types of wood. Shoppers using Motorola’s Moto Maker website will be able to pick from ebony, walnut and teak starting Jan. 21, and the natural options will add just $25 to the cost of the phone.

“Featuring natural finishes and distinct grains, these wood backs are undeniably unique and provide a whole new level of sophisticated customization for your smartphone,” Motorola said in a blog post announcing the new options Friday. “Every wood grain is different, so every phone is too — just like you!”

Teased at the Moto X’s unveiling last year, the unique wooden backs give Motorola yet another way to differentiate its flagship phone from Apple’s sleek aluminum finishes and a generic sea of plastic Android devices.

The three new wooden options join the bamboo back, which was added late last year. The premium upgrade cost $100 when bamboo was introduced in December, so you can almost hear early adopters moaning at the new additions and the reduced price for the wooden option. To ease that pain, Motorola is apparently offering $75 credits to anyone who jumped on a bamboo back before today’s price drop.

“Thanks for being one of the first to buy Moto X with Bamboo,” writes Motorola in an email reproduced by Droid Life. “We’ve recently been able to streamline our processes, and we will be offering additional wood finishes at a new, lower price. We think it’s only fair to extend you this discount too. Below you’ll find a $75 coupon code good for any accessory order greater than $75 before taxes (excluding Google Chromecast) on”

The plastic-backed Moto X now sells for $399 off-contract.