You Can Finally Buy Moto X With A Bamboo Back, But It’ll Cost $100 Extra


Motorola is finally selling the Moto X with a bamboo backplate, but it will cost you $100 more than the all-plastic model. The company introduced the new panel late on Tuesday evening, and it seems it has already been incredibly popular, with shipping dates scheduled for early January.

If you were hoping to get one before Christmas, then, you’re out of luck. The bamboo back is an “online exclusive,” too, so you won’t find this option through carriers.

Motorola first announced wooden or “natural” backs for the Moto X when the device got its initial unveiling, but it’s taken three months for the first one to arrive. The other natural options — including rosewood, ebony, and teak — are yet to make their debut, and Motorola hasn’t said when they might appear.

Prices for the bamboo Moto X start at $199.99 on contract, then, and $599.99 unlocked.