Android At Mobile World Congress: Activations Up 250%, Android Market Triples Its Number Of Apps

To show just how fast Android has grown, Andy Rubin busted out a few numbers from last year’s Mobile World Congress and wasn’t shy about sharing them. Year-on-year growth rate for Android has exceeded 250% with more than 850,000 Android devices being activated each day. That’s an astounding number, and with over 300 million Android device around the world, users are going to be looking for apps. Last year at Mobile World Congress, Android announced the Android Market had reached more than 150,000 available apps. Now, they have announced over 450,000 apps available with over one billion app downloads happening every month!

The immense growth of Android is good for developers and users alike and shows just how popular the open ecosystem has become in the mobile market. We fully expect this growth to continue and judging by the amount of new Android devices being shown off at MWC, I’d say we’re right. Make sure you stop by the Android Booth at MWC for a look at just how large the Android ecosystem has grown, and while you’re there, take a ride down the Android slide. Good times.