Missed The $150 Moto X Discount? Buy A Promo Code On eBay Now


Motorola held its final Moto X sale earlier this week, but it took just 10 minutes for its entire stock allocation to sell out. If you didn’t get in early, then, you would have missed out on the chance to bag a promo code that entitles you to $150 off your new smartphone.

But don’t worry — you can already buy the promo codes on eBay, and there are plenty of them available.

It’s unclear how many handsets Motorola allocated to the sale, but it’s clear that a fairly large number of people obtained codes for the sole purpose of selling them on to make a quick buck. Type “Moto X promo” into eBay and you’ll find a surprisingly long list of results.

Some “Buy It Now” listings are going for as little as $10, while others are hoping to fetch as much as $50. You may be able to get a code even cheaper if you try your luck in an auction, though; I had my eye on one that just ended at $5.50.

It’s worth noting that these codes were valid for 7 days from the date they were issued, so you only have until Monday, December 16, to get your hands on one and place your order for a $350 Moto X. Whatever you do, don’t buy a code after that date, because you will not be able to use it.

It’s certainly a shame that so many people claimed these codes just to sell them on, but it’s not a bad way to get your hands on one if you missed out on Monday. Even if you have to pay $20 for it, your new Moto X will still cost you a great deal less than it normally would.