$350 Moto X Sells Out In Just 10 Minutes

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 18.02.25

Motorola reduced the Moto X to just $350 for the second time today, following website issues that prevented many people from ordering when it was first reduced last Wednesday. But if you didn’t place your order within ten minutes of the deal going live, then you’ve missed you chance to take advantage of the $150 reduction.That’s how long it took for β€œall the phones [Motorola] allotted for this promotion,” to sell out, according to the company’s website. It’s unclear exactly how many were made available, but given the demand for last week’s sale β€” which caused Motorola’s website to crash under pressure β€” they would have sold out pretty quickly no matter what.

The promotion gave customers the chance to apply for a promotional code, which would reduce the 16GB off-contract Moto X to just $350 at checkout. Those who were successful now have 7 days to purchase their device through Moto Maker before their code expires.